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Car version N/A
Brand zz-Fictional-zz
Class street
Power 2427 bhp
Torque 5222Nm
Weight 13000kg

Drift version.

TTC Orion VII buses are standard low-floor transit buses used for public transport operated by the Toronto Transit Commission in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They are the most common buses in the TTC fleet. This model is manufactured for the TTC by Orion International in Mississauga, Ontario and Oriskany, New York.

In 2007, delivery of 224 new Hybrids commenced. These were of a new design of the VII called the "Orion VII Next Generation". The buses were delivered in 2007-2008 and numbered 1200-1423. As these were the first NGs produced, they suffered from mechanical problems that led to them being out of service frequently. At the same time, the TTC ordered 150 additional Orion VII NGs, numbered 1500-1689. Three buses suffered fires, namely 1256 which retired in April 2013, 1517 which was retired due to arson and 1671 at the garage in May 2011.

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