JDM/US/EUROPE MONSTERS RX8 Mad Mike current version Unknown

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Car info
Car version N/A
Brand Mazda
Class drift
Power +800hp@+6500rpm
Torque +680Nm@+5000rpm
Weight 1200kg

Mazda RX8 Badbul version that especially made for drift.Also included different livery. 20B rotary engine that exceed more that 750hp plus 9000 rpm. Alpha version drift tire that base from version 6 kunos tires. Alpha drift suspension with extra knuckle steer lock base from kunos drift cars.Fresh sound built that been recorded from original 20B rotary engine. These things need feedback from users so it'll be better for future cars. Tested using Logitech G27 steering so its recommended for G27 users.
Lastly my personal ratings for this car
Physics = 86
Interior = 82
Exterior = 90
Sound = 74 [Need better Fmod so the car have engine+exhaust sound for exterior front & rear]
Car/driver animations & misc = 90
So overall rating points = 84/100

Hope u enjoy the car as i do!! Thanks for all the support \m/ Hell Prosecutor \m/

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Mad Mike

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