Top Fuel Dragster current version 0.6

Assetto-db rating
Physics info
Traction type RWD
Real mass 977 kg (with driver: 1.052 kg)
Gears 4-shifter
8.892 bhp @ 8.500 rpm
8.195 Nm @ 7.500 rpm
11.500 rpm max.
Turbo 0,00 bar
Tyres version 7
Car info
Car version 0.6
Brand zz-Fictional-zz
Class race
Power 8500bhp
Torque 6600Nm
Weight 1000kg+245Lfuel

this is going to be the time at the track as you shine, you just feel the power rushing to the rear wheels, they spin in a white cloud as you head off.
- The tog fuel dragster has an amazing 8500bhp,
- The New improved wheels can make the draster drive at incredible speeds. - 0.73 s to 100km/h,60 mil/h - 4.62 s to 550km/h,342mil/h

Available skins

Monster 69

Car bundled - Assetto Corsa Database

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