Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione current version 4.0

Assetto-db rating
Physics info
Traction type RWD
Real mass 1.510 kg (with driver: 1.585 kg)
Gears 6-sequential
385 bhp @ 7.001 rpm
416 Nm @ 4.918 rpm
7.600 rpm max.
Tyres version 10
Car info
Car version 4.0
Brand Alfa Romeo
Class street
Power 444 bhp
Torque 480 Nm
Weight 1510 kg

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione (2007)

Engine: Maserati 4.7L V8 32v 450 PS
Traction: RWD (rear-wheel drive)
Gearbox: Q-select, semi-automatic, 6-speed (P)
Suspensions: dwb + arb (front, rear)
Fuel capacity: 88 liters
Driver's aids: ABS, TC

The first FR Alfa Romeo coupe since the SZ was given a very traditional and legendary name. The 8C is the name of the engine which had made Alfa Romeo famous for their technical excellence in the 1920's, that was designed by the famous Vittorio Jano. This was a famous and revolutionary 8 cylinder power unit that was not only used in the rad racing machines of the Alfas in that era, but also by many different manufacturers at the time.

The front dashboard's classic looks brings to mind its background and has been applied to all models coming after the 8C as the new family trademark of Alfa Romeo. The very Alfa-esque emotional design is a major identifier, and the orders for the limited run of 500 cars worldwide was full almost as soon as it was announced. The car weighs 1575 kg and the weight distribution is slightly towards the rear at 49 to 51. To achieve this, the body combines a steel frame with carbon. Many aspects of the power unit is shared with Maserati, but Alfa Romeo has tuned its performance and sound.

The 4.7L 444 HP V8 engine is matched with a trans-axle Q select 6 speed semi automatic. Alfa Romeo states that its exciting sound is compliant with all of the sound regulations set in various countries around the world. With a top speed of over 293 kmh and a 0-100 kmh acceleration of 4.7 seconds or less, its styling may be classic, but its performance is nothing short of a modern day super sports car.


v4.0 released 13.07.2020

- new aero
- new power/torque figure
- new suspensions setup
- new suspensions geometry (from Kunos)
- new tyres v10
- revised inertia
- corrected steer lock and ratio
- corrected gear ratios
- corrected differential settings
- corrected fuel tank position
- removed EDL
- fixed autoshifting

- new 3D model from
- added materials, shaders and textures from scratch
- new textures thanks to and
- new 3D mesh for the third stop done scratch-made by RealAKP
- Quadrifoglio Verde stickers scratch-made by RealAKP
- corrected tyres and rims dimensions
- corrected brake disks and calipers dimensions
- removed unused stuff from 3D model
- body AO texture made by RealAKP
- welded vertex and unified normals by RealAKP
- various UV mapping by RealAKP
- reconfigured lights
- adjusted graphics offset
- regenerated VAO patch (CSP only)
- new skins with OEM colors

Other changes
- adjusted driver body and hands position by RealAKP
- added CSP lights functionality
- new collider kn5 file
- adjusted collider position
- new LODs kn5 files
- reworked digital instruments
- added differential locking options in setup screen
- adjusted Pirelli PZero static pressure
- new license plates numbers
- revised onboard cameras
- corrected fuel reserve light min liters
- added skin template by RealAKP
- updated ambient shadows
- updated CM previews

3.1 updated 22.03.2020
- added v10 semislicks tyres
- increased diffuser downforce
- added EDL (electronic differential lock)
- adjusted lights
- tweaked onboard cameras
- tweaked shaders
- reworked skins interior
- regenerated LOD files
- skins with CSP materials
- VAO patch (thanks to RealAKP)
- PBR interior materials (CSP only)
- exhaust smoke (CSP 0.1.47 or above only)
- adjusted smart mirrors (CSP only)
- fixed the steering texture bug

3.0 updated 10.02.2020
- new engine power/torque config
- corrected engine limiter
- reworked aero (ACCR v2)
- adjusted suspension setup
- tweaked differential settings
- fixed downshift protection
- adjusted force feedback multiplier
- tweaked shaders
- updated ambient shadows
- regenerated LOD files
- updated previews

2.0.4 unreleased 01.02.2020
- tweaked shaders

2.0.3 unreleased 26.04.2019
- lowered car (graphics)
- adjusted carpaint shader

v2.0.2 addon 19.04.2019
- interior AO addon by RealAKP
- slightly increased car body reflections

v2.0.1 hotfix 17.04.2019
- added back street tyres
- removed semislick tyre type

v2.0 updated 16.04.2019
- new aero (ACCR v2)
- updated LODs .kn5 files
- replaced sound with Alfa Giulia
- tweaked suspensions setup
- slightly changed car inertia
- reduced steer ratio
- new differential
- increased downshift time
- removed clutch pedal functionality
- added downshift protection
- engine limiter corrected
- added brake bias option in setup
- little changes on electronics devices
- removed street tyre type
- textures optimizations by RealAKP
- new calipers with AO by Real AKP
- updated skins with baked AO map by RealAKP
- updated Content Manager previews
- moved config file into main folder structure
- fixed hands and steering wheel out of synch

v1.5 updated 18.12.2018
- added LODs .kn5 files for better performance
- tweaked OEM setup
- implemented tyres extended ray-tracing

v1.4.2 updated 30.10.2018
- changed default tyres to semislicks

v1.4.1 updated 29.10.2018
- tweaked suspensions

v1.4 updated 18.10.2018
- new tyres v10
- new cameras
- updated aero
- tweaked shaders
- adjusted lights

v1.3.2 updated 10.09.2018
- corrected car fuel consumption

v1.3.1 updated 26.08.2018
- tweaked car setup
- adjusted digital instruments intensity
- adjusted force feedback strengthness

v1.3 updated 25.08.2018
- added digital instruments
- enlighted digital gauge
- tweaked suspensions
- adjusted car body reflections
- adjusted tyres shader

v1.2.1 updated 18.08.2018
- adjusted car internal shaders

v1.2 updated 26.07.2018
- adjusted differential

v1.1 updated 23.07.2018
- adjusted suspensions
- tweaked power/torque figure
- bug fixed

v1.0 released 22.07.2018
- initial release

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