Alfa Romeo 155 Q4 current version 3.0.1

Assetto-db rating
Physics info
Traction type AWD
Real mass 1.445 kg (with driver: 1.520 kg)
Gears 5-shifter
175 bhp @ 6.000 rpm
245 Nm @ 2.500 rpm
6.793 rpm max.
Turbo 1,21 bar
Tyres version 10
Car info
Car version 3.0.1
Brand Alfa Romeo
Class street
Power 184 bhp
Torque 291 Nm
Weight 1445 kg

Alfa Romeo 155 Q4 (1992)

Engine: FIAT 2.0L Turbo 16v 190 PS
Traction: AWD (all-wheel drive)
Gearbox: manual, 5-speed (H)
Suspensions: strut + arb (front), trailing arm + arb (rear)
Fuel capacity: 60 liters
Driver's aids: ABS

The 155 Q4 is an all-wheel drive sports saloon that replaced the Alfa Romeo Milano Quadrifoglio Verde. It brought along various technologies from the Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo such as turbocharging and an all-wheel drive system.
The 155 Q4 is powered by a 2 litre turbocharged engine as opposed to the larger naturally aspirated 3.2 litre V6 engine from its predecessor. Both models feature very similar power outputs, although the 155 Q4 has a higher torque rating of 219 ft·lb (297 N·m).
As the 155 model series is based on Fiat's Type Three front-wheel drive platform, the 155 Q4 has a front weight load of 61%, losing to the Milano QV's almost neutral weight distribution. However, the all-wheel drive system allows the 155 Q4 to accelerate much faster and superior grip on unpaved roads than its predecessor.


v3.0.1 updated 02.06.2020
- fix for tyres normal load
- fix for carpaint reflections (CSP only)

v3.0 updated 19.05.2020

- new tyres v10
- revised aero
- revised dampers
- revised inertia
- revised AWD differential setup
- adjusted steer ratio
- best match with Kunos suspensions geometry
- corrected front caster angle
- corrected camber and toe

- added dashlights functionality
- totally reworked lights
- added digital clock

- new high resolution interior textures
- new emblem high resolution texture and normal
- adjusted car, wheels and suspensions graphics offset
- new VAO patch (CSP only)
- tweaked PBR carpaint material (CSP only)
- fix for the blurred rims transparency
- fix for the missing interior lighting

Other changes
- new 3D collider
- new onboard cameras
- revised AI
- adjusted real mirrors to default drivers position
- regenerated LODs kn5 files
- updated previews

v2.2 updated 20.03.2020
- added v10 street tyres
- tweaked shaders
- regenerated VAO patch (CSP only)
- tweaked PBR materials (CSP only)
- exhaust smoke (CSP 0.1.47 or above only)
- adjusted smart mirrors (CSP only)

v2.1 updated 08.02.2020
- adjusted differential settings
- minor changes in suspensions setup
- tweaked shaders
- regenerated LOD files
- fixed taillights
- VAO patch thanks to RealAKP (CSP only)
- implemented PBR materials (CSP only)
- updated previews

v2.0 updated 17.10.2019
- new aero (ACCR v2)
- new torque/power figure
- new tyres v10 (street 90s, semislicks)
- new suspensions setup
- new kn5 LODs files
- new skins with official colors
- new lights config
- corrected car total mass
- changed car polar inertia
- decreased fuel light min liters
- increased force feedback multiplier
- corrected steer lock and ratio
- changed gear ratio according to real specs
- tweaked AWD differentials
- increased gear shift times
- corrected engine limiter
- tweaked engine inertia and friction
- corrected turbo config
- added turbo controller based on actual boost limiter map
- increased max brake force
- tweaked ABS
- reworked various textures
- added various visual damages
- added red last digit in odometer trip
- updated ambient shadows
- updated skins previews

v1.4.2 updated 10.09.2018
- corrected car fuel consumption

v1.4.1 updated 25.08.2018
- adjusted tyres shader

v1.4 - 18.08.2018
- corrected engine idle rpm
- autoclutch is now off
- tweaked car.ini
- adjusted graphics offset and pitch
- adjusted ride height pickup point
- tweaked collider
- reworked suspensions
- added options for camber and toe-out in setup
- added damage to motorhood
- reworked lights
- changed car engine sound
- new engine torque figure
- tweaked car body shaders
- added working odometers
- general clean-up

v1.3.1 - 18.07.2018
- tweaked suspensions

v1.3 - 19.06.2018
- further tuned aero
- adjusted engine specs and power.lut
- adjusted collider

v1.2.1 - 11.04.2018
- updated ABS slip ratio
- adjusted suspensions
- tuned aero
- corrected gear ratio
- adjusted power.lut
- adjusted collider

v1.2 - 09.04.2018
- updated 3d model shaders
- new physics

v1.0 - 28.02.2018
- initial release

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