Ferrari 312 current version 1.2

Assetto-db rating
Physics info
Traction type RWD
Real mass 512 kg (with driver: 587 kg)
Gears 5-shifter
410 bhp @ 10.500 rpm
278 Nm @ 10.000 rpm
11.262 rpm max.
Tyres version 7
Car info
Car version 1.2
Brand Formula
Class race
Power 410 bhp
Torque 278
Weight 512kg

Ferrari 312

Short, wide, almost as light as Brabham and Lotus. Weight bias near middle of the range of cars. Short wheelbase makes it nimble but relatively unstable. Engine powerful but weak bottom end.


Version 1.2 of F1 Classic 67 Legends Changelog

-All cars now have tiremodel v7, with slightly altered slipangles for version 1.2

-Physics overhaul for all cars (suspension tweaks)

-Mod/carfiles updated to version 1.2 to avoid online mismatches

-Changes in driver.ini for VR /Triple screen users

-=May the downforce be with you=-


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Car bundled


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