Ferrari 288 GTO Group B current version 1.2.6

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Physics info
Traction type RWD
Real mass 1.160 kg (with driver: 1.235 kg)
Gears 5-shifter
381 bhp @ 7.000 rpm
475 Nm @ 3.750 rpm
7.800 rpm max.
Turbo 1,20 bar (2 turbos)
Tyres version 5
Car info
Car version 1.2.6
Brand Ferrari
Class street
Power 489 bhp
Torque 609 Nm
Weight 1160kg

The Group B upgrade represents the GTO in the hands of a rally team. It's been given a significant increase in boost pressure, better brakes, better tires and adjusted suspensions. It also offers multiple gear ratio settings that are more appropriate for sprinting from corner to corner.

The 288 GTO was the genesis of the Ferrari supercar lineage, the first of the bloodline later followed by the F40, F50, Enzo and LaFerrari. It was based on the 308 before it and was the first Ferrari since the legendary 250 to see the return of the GTO badge. To this day it remains one of the most coveted supercars Ferrari has ever built.

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