Gumpert Apollo R current version Orbit4L

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Car version Orbit4L
Brand Gumpert
Class hillclimb car
Power 860 bhp
Torque 910Nm
Weight 1100kg

⇒ Gumpert Apollo R

→ Short Races Version of the car with 7 sequential gears with a maximum of 308km/h

→The Gumpert Apollo is a sports car produced by German automaker Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH in Altenburg.Gumpert entered into Administration in August 2012, though production continues with the company attending the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

→ HistoryIn 2000 Roland Gumpert proposed a new generation sports car. One of the first concerns of this car was that it was a sreetlegal car,ready for the race track. Gumpert returned to Germany at the end of 2001, after more than three years in Chnia. There he was the head of sales and marketing, responsible for the development of the dealer network of the Audi-VW joint enterprise. Just after he returned to Germany, Roland Mayer asked him if he would assist him in building a prototype sports car. Audi approved Gumpert's involvement in this project,on the condition that, if they did eventually develop a new sports car, it would not be a prototype, but a series product.

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01 Orange Gumpert

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02 White Gumpert

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03 Black Gumpert

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04 Turquoise Gumpert

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05 Red Gumpert

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