Honda Integra Type R DC2 current version Unknown

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Brand Honda
Class street
Power 200bhp
Torque 183Nm
Weight 1125kg

In 1995, Honda introduced their first Integra Type R to the Japanese domestic market. The Honda Integra Type R DC2 came standard with a 200 PS 1.8-litre DOHC VTEC engine, known as the B18C, and other versions depending on the country where it was sold. Equipped with a close ratio 5-speed manual transmission and a Helical LSD, the DC2 Integra Type R had significantly improved performance and handling relative to the base model GS-R, Si and SiR Integra. The Type R had the minor change long headlights that remained only for the JDM models while the world market version had the pre-facelift double round lights.

The world market ITR feature virtually the same power train and engine controls as the JDM 1996 ITR. Noted differences in the exhaust manifold with the JDM ITR manifold (identical to JDM GS-R being the largest), UKDM ITR has the smallest with a unique 4 to 2 twin wall tube manifold. World ITR have a 2 inch ID cat, JDM ITR has a 2.5 inch OD cat, all ITR have 2 and 1/4 exhaust systems with 2.0 inch chock points. JDM ITR +100 RPM fuel cut to 8500 RPM. USDM ITR has a .4 reduction in Compression to 10.6 to 1 .1998 JDM ITR have a 4 to 1 twin wall header. 1998 JDM and AuDM ITR feature a different gear (4.7) and fifth gear ratio, yielding near the same overall final gear ratio but much steeper 1 to 4th gear ratios for better take-off and response. All ITR 1998+ have a slightly larger intake cam.The base model went through extensive changes, including a strengthened chassis with extra spot welds and thicker metal around the rear shock towers and lower subframe, weight reduction (reduced sound insulation, 10% thinner windscreen, no sunroof, lighter wheels), more power, stratospheric 8400 RPM red line, hand built engine featuring hand-polished and ported intake ports, high compression pistons with low friction coating, undercut valves and revised intake and exhaust systems, and suspension upgrades. The result was a capable sports coupe which was acclaimed by motoring journalists worldwide

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