Toyota Supra MKIV Drift current version Unknown

Original source Already in game (Japanese Pack)
Assetto-db rating
Car info
Car version N/A
Brand Toyota
Class racing
Power 624bhp
Torque 756Nm
Weight 1505kg

Toyota Supra was one of the finest Japanese supercar: through tuning it easily reaches 600hp and can go over 1000hp.

It's revered as one of the most highly tuneable cars on the planet. The drift version has a smaller turbine that sacrifices a bit of high end power for a better turbo response with more torque in the mid range revs. Extra modifications on the suspension geometry for more steering lock and setup options are available.

Available skins

00 Orange

Car bundled

01 Black

Car bundled

02 Blue

Car bundled

03 Red

Car bundled

04 Silver

Car bundled

05 White

Car bundled

06 Yellow

Car bundled - Assetto Corsa Database

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