McLaren-Honda MP4/4 R02 current version 1.0

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Car info
Car version 1.0
Brand Formula
Class race
Power 675bhp
Torque 424 N.m
Weight 540kg

Chassis used for Round 02,03,05,07,08

The McLaren-Honda MP4/4 was a highly successful Formula 1 car that competed in the 1988 Formula One season. It was designed by American engineer Steve Nichols, with assistance from the team's Technical Director Gordon Murray. Nichols and Murray based the design on the lowline Brabham BT55, designed by Murray for the 1986 season when Murray was chief designer at Brabham. It is one of the most dominant Formula One cars ever built, winning all but one race and claiming all but one pole position in the 1988 season.

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