Porsche 911 GT1 current version 2.0

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Car version 2.0
Brand Porsche
Class GT1
Power 550 bhp
Torque 630Nm
Weight 940kg

1998 Le Mans 24-hour race In the 1998 jubilee year, the Porsche team celebrated its 16th overall victory in Le Mans with a double win for the 911 GT1 98. On 6th/7th June, the winning car was driven by Laurent Aiello, Allan McNish and Stphane Ortelli. It was almost 50 years to the day on which the first Porsche sports car saw the light of day. 911 GT1 98: water-cooled 6-cyl. bi-turbo boxer engine, 3200 cm3, approx. 550 HP, approx. 940 kg

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