Ford Fiesta WRC 2015 current version 2.0

Assetto-db rating
Physics info
Traction type AWD
Real mass 1.275 kg (with driver: 1.350 kg)
Gears 6-sequential
362 bhp @ 6.250 rpm
490 Nm @ 5.000 rpm
7.500 rpm max.
Turbo 1,50 bar (2 turbos)
Tyres version 7
Car info
Car version 2.0
Brand Ford
Class world rally car
Power 315 bhp
Torque 425 Nm
Weight 1340 kg

*Note for the set up:
-Packers have a step of 5 mm each of them.
-Remember to adapt Dampers if you change Springs; take into account that their variability goes from Soft Damping for Softier Springs to Stiff Damping for Stiffer ones.
-Higher Damping in Estension is highly suggested in tracks with many jumps.
-Steering Assist should be used if strange vibrations comes from the steering wheel; however, in general, lower values raise the FFB at lower speed and viceversa.
-FIA Regulations allowed the homologation of 2 Sets of gear ratios and no option for final gear or 2 finals and just 1 Set. Fiesta is homologated with a X Trac gearbox with 2 Sets of ratios.*

The Ford Fiesta RS WRC is the World Rally Car built for the Ford World Rally Team by Ford Europe and M-Sport for use in the 2011 World Rally Championship season. It is based upon the Ford Fiesta road car, and replaced the Ford Focus RS WRC, which competed in various versions since 1999.

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