Soarer SC430 Daigo Saito current version 1.0

Assetto-db rating
Physics info
Traction type RWD
Real mass 1.125 kg (with driver: 1.200 kg)
Gears 6-shifter
475 bhp @ 5.000 rpm
858 Nm @ 3.750 rpm
8.200 rpm max.
Turbo 0,80 bar
Tyres version 2
Car info
Car version 1.0
Brand Toyota
Class drift
Power +500hp@+6500rpm
Torque +680Nm@+5000rpm
Weight 1200kg

Soarer Sc430 Daigo Saito replica.The engine is 2JZ +800hp mount inside the hood.With full boost it can reach around +/-1000hp.Wilwood dual calipers at rear & single at front. Bride seats. Prodrive wheels looks along with Archilles tires.This car is recommended for pro drifters but beginners are welcome to try.The advice is please dont give up & blame the car afterwards.It's all about practice.

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