Veloce GTS-8 current version 1.3

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Car info
Car version 1.3
Brand Henry Clay Motorsports
Class street
Power 486 bhp
Torque 643 Nm
Weight 1103 Kg

Almost every guy dreams of designing his own sports car for both street driving and track racing; and the Veloce GTS is the dream design of an American enthusiast which was made a reality by a talented Argentinian 3D modeler/programmer. There is no denying that the Veloce GTS pays tribute in design to the Dino 246 GTS, as that legendary design vehicle is one most automotive designers list of top 10 sexiest sports car designs ever. This one-off vehicle would be built by hand, by a cottage manufacture of bespoken vehicles. The core of the Veloce GTS, is a computer designed, ultra-rigid space frame chassis. The old school aerodynamic body panels are hand laid vinyl ester composite pieces, with accent panels made of carbon fiber.

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Yellow 07

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