Volvo S60 Solution-F current version 3.0

Assetto-db rating
Physics info
Traction type RWD
Real mass 1.075 kg (with driver: 1.150 kg)
Gears 6-shifter
414 bhp @ 7.000 rpm
447 Nm @ 5.000 rpm
7.500 rpm max.
Turbo 0,50 bar (2 turbos)
Tyres version 10
Car info
Car version 3.0
Brand Volvo
Class gt
Power 410bhp
Torque 550Nm
Weight 1150 kg*

Solution F Volvo S60 Mid Engined Silhouette Race Car

GreenspeednTechnology ran Solution-F based silhouette Volvo S60s in the Belgian BTCS championship from 2010 to 2012 with former BTCC Volvo drivers Vincent Radermecker and Eric van de Poele.

A slightly modified version of the Solution-F silhouette based S60 was also run in the TTA/STCC by Polestar Racing from 2012 to 2016. It would be a successful run, with the team claiming five consecutive titles with drivers Fredrik Ekblom, Thed Björk and Richard Göransson.

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